Making Your Stained Glass an Act of Love

Take a look at this video to see how stained glass creation can improve your love life:

Four points to consider:

  • Love your subject (if you want to create a piece about robot elves because you love robot elves, go for it!)
  • Love your community (what charity would you enjoy gifting with a small piece of glass as a fundraiser?)
  • Love your relationships (who would you love to spend an afternoon crafting with?)
  • Love yourself (treasure your creative time alone)

If you’d love to take a stained glass class with someone, now is the perfect time! Book with a friend or love by February 14th and you’ll save $100 on a beginner’s workshop for 2 people! For more info, see this post.

Who would you love to take a stained glass class with? Post your comments below. I’d LOVE to hear them!