Stained Glass Classes Open for Booking

I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately from people wondering when stained glass classes will next be offered. I’m happy to announce that classes are now open to be booked for December 2014 – January 2015.

Classes are only open on select days, so check out the updated available dates and times on the classes page of this website. If you aren’t able to grab a time slot, don’t worry – gift certificates are also now available for future stained glass classes in 2015.

I look forward to creating some beautiful sparkling stained glass with you this holiday season!

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Heart of Glass

It’s a well known fact that couples that engage in new activities together improve the quality of their relationship. But did you know that socializing is also good for your physical heart? Learning a new hobby with a friend causes side effects of laughter and that warm-fuzzy bonding feeling that have all kinds of positive feedback on your actual beating heart. I love teaching my friends and family how to create glass pieces, and cherish shared moments in the GeekyGlass studio just as much as focused creative alone-time.

With that in mind, GeekyGlass is offering a couples special deal this month. Beginner’s workshops for 2 people are $100 off until February 14th, 2013. That’s right – save $100 on the cost of the workshop when you book with a friend, spouse, partner, or the love of your life. Classes booked can be taken anytime after Feb 14th – but the deal disappears after that date!

To book a class, head over to the classes page for more info.

Happy February!


The Solar System in your Stocking

Brand new at GeekyGlass:  The Solar System! (Things are expanding around here!)

These lead-free silver solder pendants are the perfect size to wear as a pendant (just over 1 inch, or 3-4 cm). Or, thread them with gold and silver and hang them on your tree. At only $10 each, they are an affordable and beautiful stocking stuffer for the space enthusiast. Each piece is made with unique and stunning art glass in a variety of textures and colours, selected to represent the qualities of each planet, sun and moon.

There are 10 to choose from:

SUN (brilliant sparkling amber/red/gold, satin seedy, translucent glass)

MOON (wispy white/dove grey, smooth, opalescent glass)

MERCURY (transformational streaky champagne-grey/white, semi-translucent, smooth glass)

VENUS (honey/white streaky, mixed opalescent, semi-translucent, one side lightly hammered glass)

EARTH (richly saturated streaky cobalt blue/white, mixed opalescent, smooth glass)

MARS (white/blood red mixed opalescent, richly rippled on one side, virtually opaque glass)

JUPITER (bright coral/pink/white, crystal mixed opalescent, semi-translucent, smooth glass)

SATURN (honey/pink/purple/white streaky, mixed opalescent, semi-translucent, one side lightly hammered glass)

URANUS (purple/blue/green, intensely crackled on one side, mixed-opalescent glass)

NEPTUNE (transformational twilight blue/white, mixed-opalescent, semi-translucent, smooth glass)

Head on over to the GeekyGlass Etsy Shop to pick up a planet or two for the holidays – they also make a great “just in case” gift for that surprise visitor!






Mix n’ Match Sci-Fi

Fresh at GeekyGlass for the holidays is a batch of glittering sci-fi, fantasy, and generally geeky mix n’ match holiday ornaments. There are 25 juicy colours and textures to choose from, suitable for any fan! These are lead-free, made of solder than contains silver, and treated with patina and finishing compound for an antique, shimmering finish!

Here are some possible combos to spark your imagination:

For the X-Files fan:  #10 The Smoking Man + #16 Cryogenic Tank

For the Star Wars fan:  #14 Yoda + #20 Lightsaber

For the Lord of the Rings fan:  #5 Balrog Whip o’ Fire + #17 Magic Green Sparkle + #19 Arwen

At only $20 these are fun and affordable! But if you want to save 50%, you can do so by purchasing the Big Bang Theory Collection, or the Harry Potter Collection! Not only are they half-price, but they come in a velvet gift pouch, ready for gift-giving.

The Big Bang Collection and the Harry Potter Collection are both now available for sale at the GeekyGlass Etsy Shop, along with the full Mix n’ Match Sci-Fi set.


Choose from one of the following delicious colours and textures:

1. Clockwork Orange (brilliantly punchy orange lightly rippled cathedral glass)

2. Harry Potter – Hufflepuff Yellow (sparkling lemon yellow satin seedy cathedral glass)

3. Big Bang Theory – Penny Cheesecake Factory Yellow (zesty lemon yellow rippled glass)

4. Dr. Who – Dalek Gold (amber gold hammered cathedral glass)

5 . Lord of the Rings – Balrog Whip o’ Fire (amber/red/gold satin seedy glass – pattern varies)

6. Harry Potter – Gringotts Gold (champagne gold crystal-clear artique glass)

7. Big Bang Theory – Amy Wallflower Pink (frosted cotton candy pink semi-opaque glass)

8. Purple Planet (intensely crackled semi-opalescent purple/blue/green – pattern varies)

9. Big Bang Theory – Raj Purple Surprise (rich deep mauve rippled cathedral glass)

10. X-Files – The Smoking Man (deepest mauve crystal clear GNA – German New Antique glass)

11. Big Bang Theory – Howard Mad Plaid (smooth coral/pink/white crystal opal – pattern varies)

12. Harry Potter – Gryffindor Red (glistening ruby red nubby textured cathedral glass)

13. Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Green Lantern (brilliant crystal clear green artique glass)

14. Star Wars – Yoda Green (chartreuse and mixed green opaque lightly textured glass)

15. Harry Potter – Slytherin Green (rich emerald green rippled cathedral glass)

16. Cryogenic Tank (frosted pale bluish-green semi-opaque satin texture glass)

17. Magic Green Sparkle (deepest forest green with gold glitter glass)

18. Big Bang Theory – Leonard’s Jacket Green (crackled rich varied greens – pattern varies)

19. Lord of the Rings – Arwen (magically transforming twilight blue/white semi-opalescent glass)

20. Star Wars – Lightsaber (brilliant electric bright aqua cathedral glass)

21. Dr. Who – Tardis Time Trails (smooth and criss-crossed rippling cobalt blue/clear baroque – pattern varies)

22. Harry Potter – Ravenclaw Blue (bright cobalt blue waterglass)

23. String Theory (smooth and lined rippling cobalt blue/clear baroque – pattern varies)

24. X-Men – Iceman (icy crystal clear pale aqua artique cathedral glass)

25. Big Bang Theory – Bernadette Blue (richly saturated streaky cobalt blue – semi opalescent)

Happy geeky mixing and matching!

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at GeekyGlass – you may have noticed that even Luke and Darth are getting into the spirit of things!

A grand time was had by all at the Hotel Mount Pearl Holiday Gift Show, with people stopping by to take advantage of the glass class certificate 50% sale, and also snapping up a few glittering and geeky holiday ornaments in the process.












If you missed the sale, don’t worry, because we have a very special holiday gift for those stained glass lovers – GeekyGlass is giving away over $1300 in Stained Glass Classes this holiday season!!

Yes, you heard me correctly – it’s the 12 Days of Christmas Stained Glass Class Giveaway, and it is happening from December 14th to December 26th, 2012. The earlier you sign up, the more chances you have to win! So head on over to the contest page, and enter to win today!

Deck Your Halls

Join me tomorrow (December 5th, 2012) from 10am to 10pm at the Hotel Mount Pearl Holiday Gift Sale to find some gorgeous Christmas gifts at a great sale price! Here are some of the exciting things you’ll find at the GeekyGlass booth:

  • A rainbow of beautiful stained glass lead-free silver ornaments from which to choose!
  • All glass ornaments will be 26%-50% off the regular price!
  • Stained glass classes will be 29%-58% off the regular price! – an unbelievable deal!
  • I’ll be giving away $10 and $20 in GeekyGold for every purchase $50 and up!
  • Be the FIRST to sign up for the GeekyGlass 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway at this exclusive launch event!
  • Free chocolate!

For more information and directions, see my previous blog post on the Mount Pearl Holiday Gift Show.

See you there!