Sci Fi On the Rock 7 Stained Glass Deals!

GeekyGlass will be selling stained glass pieces and gift certificates this weekend at the Sci-Fi convention, Sci-Fi on the Rock. Purchase a stained glass class gift certificate this weekend in person at Sci-Fi on the Rock 7 and you will receive $75 off a beginner’s or extended class – your choice! Plus HST is included! It’s a great chance to purchase a class at up to 50% off so dress up as your favorite superhero or sci-fi character, and head over to the dealer’s room at the Holiday Inn to grab a great deal!  Here are the details:

  • Beginner’s workshop: Sale price  $75, regular price $150 plus HST
  • Extended (15 hr) stained glass classes: Sale price $275, regular price $350 plus HST
  • Location:  Sci-Fi on the Rock 7, Dealer’s Room at the Holiday Inn St John’s, NL
  • Hours:  The Dealer’s Room is open Friday 2pm-8pm and Sat/Sun 9am-6pm

Okay, dressing up is optional, but it is fun! Here are some of the other great deals on stained glass items that will be available:

Teeny Mini Tardises:  Sale price $20, regular price $30

Teeny Mini Tardis Pendant – Lead Free







Red Mini Daleks:  Sale price $20, regular price $35

Mini Dalek Ornament – Battle Red







Mini Yodas:  Sale price $15, regular price $25

Mini Yoda Lead Free Pendant







Solar System Pendants:  $10

The Solar System Collection







Sci-Fi Mix-N-Match Pendants: $10





NEW! Framed Stained Glass Postcard from Saturn $50






Framed Cyberman Tondo:  Sale Price $100, regular price $135

Cyberman Tondo







NEW! Stained Glass Lightsabers:  $10

lead-free lightsabers






See you at Sci-Fi on the Rock!



Using Cathedral and Opalescent Neutral Glass

If you are new to stained glass creation, you may be wondering what the difference is between “cathedral” and “opalescent” glass. In this video I explain the two terms, and also show how you can use this difference to your advantage when working with neutral colours of black, white and grey in stained glass.

To take a closer look at examples of variations in glass in different lighting states, check out the different photographs of my Postcard from Saturn piece. It was made from Spectrum Black/White/Clear Baroque, and surrounded by black solid opalescent glass.


Spectrum Black/White/Clear Baroque #BR6000

Although the term “opal” often refers to white glass, as you can see the black glass in the link above is also called “opalescent”, which in this case means it is opaque or non-translucent (you can’t see through it). The terms are used interchangeably. It can be a little confusing at first, but generally speaking “opal” or “opalescent” means it has some colour in it, which you can’t see thorough 100%. “cathedral” may have colour, but it is easy to see through, like tinted glasses. Also, don’t get the word “opal” confused with the glittery opal stone. That kind of rainbow shine produced by an opal gem is actually called “iridescent” in the stained glass world.

A final reminder:  be sure to check your glass in a variety of hot and cool lighting states (sunshine, overcast windows and/or cool and warm lamps) to ensure that your piece will not only look good, but transform magically!


The Glass Cannonball

I had the pleasure of creating a few commissions as Christmas gifts this year, but one of my favorite pieces to work on was a companion panel to the sci-fi novel The Glass Cannonball by Earl Woodman.

The Glass Cannonball Panel

Earl had this to say about his gift:

“Thanks so much for making a stained glass hanging of my book cover! It’s beautiful.”

This is my sixth time re-creating a book cover, and I always love doing them! The abstract nature of this piece, combined with the spacey subject matter made it extra fun.The Glass Cannonball is available from

What book cover would you like to see recreated in stained glass?



The Solar System in your Stocking

Brand new at GeekyGlass:  The Solar System! (Things are expanding around here!)

These lead-free silver solder pendants are the perfect size to wear as a pendant (just over 1 inch, or 3-4 cm). Or, thread them with gold and silver and hang them on your tree. At only $10 each, they are an affordable and beautiful stocking stuffer for the space enthusiast. Each piece is made with unique and stunning art glass in a variety of textures and colours, selected to represent the qualities of each planet, sun and moon.

There are 10 to choose from:

SUN (brilliant sparkling amber/red/gold, satin seedy, translucent glass)

MOON (wispy white/dove grey, smooth, opalescent glass)

MERCURY (transformational streaky champagne-grey/white, semi-translucent, smooth glass)

VENUS (honey/white streaky, mixed opalescent, semi-translucent, one side lightly hammered glass)

EARTH (richly saturated streaky cobalt blue/white, mixed opalescent, smooth glass)

MARS (white/blood red mixed opalescent, richly rippled on one side, virtually opaque glass)

JUPITER (bright coral/pink/white, crystal mixed opalescent, semi-translucent, smooth glass)

SATURN (honey/pink/purple/white streaky, mixed opalescent, semi-translucent, one side lightly hammered glass)

URANUS (purple/blue/green, intensely crackled on one side, mixed-opalescent glass)

NEPTUNE (transformational twilight blue/white, mixed-opalescent, semi-translucent, smooth glass)

Head on over to the GeekyGlass Etsy Shop to pick up a planet or two for the holidays – they also make a great “just in case” gift for that surprise visitor!