GeekyGlass is Going to Space University!

International Space University (photo credit: wikipedia)

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been accepted into the Space Studies Program (SSP) 2012, to be held in Florida this summer. If you haven’t heard of the SSP, it’s an annual 9-week program offered by International Space University. The ISU fosters the growth of international, intercultural and interdisciplinary study and research in the space industry.  The program consists of a variety of core lectures and workshops about everything from gravity to space law policy and space art and society. Students work together on team projects that address international space projects with global impact. ISU alumni regularly present the SSP Team Project results at international conferences and meetings (at the International Astronautical Congress and United Nations conferences, for example).

Roughly 1-4% of participants in the program each year have a background in Humanities. It is a highly competitive program, and I am very honoured and excited to have been chosen as a participant this year.

I have been offered a very generous scholarship from the Canadian Foundation for the International Space University (CFISU). This will cover most of my expenses, including tuition, overseas flights, and room/board. At this time, I am looking for donations to help me cover additional expenses which include a domestic flight, health coverage and out-of-pocket expenses while studying (ie. I won’t be paid for 9 weeks). [Update: I have reached my $1500 fundraising goal, but any additional donations to help me hit the $3000 full goal before May 30, 2012 are greatly appreciated!]

To see more info and donate, you can go here: I’ve listed lots of perks for donating, including free stained glass, valuable coupons for my GeekyGlass shop, a stained glass commission and a personal stained glass lesson!

If you prefer, you can also safely donate directly to me by credit card or Paypal by clicking on the button below:

Any amount, small or large, is appreciated! To add an incentive, for every person that donates $5 or more, I will add your name to a draw at the end of May. The winner will get their very own commissioned work of stained glass art. I will work with the winner to design a piece that they absolutely love. This is a value of minimum $250! Just make sure you send me your contact details when you donate so I can add your name to the draw! (Note:  you don’t have to donate in order to enter the contest. If you like, just sign up for one or both of my newsletters at or, and you’ll also get your name entered in the contest for free.)

Thank you, and Good Luck!