Heart of Glass

It’s a well known fact that couples that engage in new activities together improve the quality of their relationship. But did you know that socializing is also good for your physical heart? Learning a new hobby with a friend causes side effects of laughter and that warm-fuzzy bonding feeling that have all kinds of positive feedback on your actual beating heart. I love teaching my friends and family how to create glass pieces, and cherish shared moments in the GeekyGlass studio just as much as focused creative alone-time.

With that in mind, GeekyGlass is offering a couples special deal this month. Beginner’s workshops for 2 people are $100 off until February 14th, 2013. That’s right – save $100 on the cost of the workshop when you book with a friend, spouse, partner, or the love of your life. Classes booked can be taken anytime after Feb 14th – but the deal disappears after that date!

To book a class, head over to the classes page for more info.

Happy February!