How 11 Stages of Stained Glass Can Transform Your Life

Stained glass is a beautiful craft with many rewards, but did you know it can also help you to reach your big goals in life? There is great value in looking closely at the 11 stages of stained glass creation, and applying it to your goals for the new year!

To hear how stained glass can make this your best year ever, watch the video below: “11 Stained Glass Steps That Will Help You Reach Your Big Goals”.

The 11 stages are:

  1. Design your glass/Design your life
  2. Create your pattern/Schedule your goals
  3. Choose your glass/Assess your skills and talents
  4. Cut and break your glass/Break down or examine your goals and existing skills
  5. Grind the edge of each glass piece/Refine your goals in a detailed way
  6. Wrap each glass piece in copper foil/Introduce support for your goal
  7. Solder your pieces together/Begin to merge your goals with your everyday life
  8. Frame your stained glass piece/Add larger structures to support bigger goals
  9. Clean away the flux/Clarify what you need in your life and remove what you don’t
  10. Add patina to age the solder/Add your own unique zest to your daily life
  11. Wax and polish your final piece/Add systems that will give longevity to your goals

Are you at a stage in this process? What are your BIG goals for 2013? I’d love to hear about them – post your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember:  writing your goals down makes them more likely to come to fruition!