Mix n’ Match Sci-Fi

Fresh at GeekyGlass for the holidays is a batch of glittering sci-fi, fantasy, and generally geeky mix n’ match holiday ornaments. There are 25 juicy colours and textures to choose from, suitable for any fan! These are lead-free, made of solder than contains silver, and treated with patina and finishing compound for an antique, shimmering finish!

Here are some possible combos to spark your imagination:

For the X-Files fan:  #10 The Smoking Man + #16 Cryogenic Tank

For the Star Wars fan:  #14 Yoda + #20 Lightsaber

For the Lord of the Rings fan:  #5 Balrog Whip o’ Fire + #17 Magic Green Sparkle + #19 Arwen

At only $20 these are fun and affordable! But if you want to save 50%, you can do so by purchasing the Big Bang Theory Collection, or the Harry Potter Collection! Not only are they half-price, but they come in a velvet gift pouch, ready for gift-giving.

The Big Bang Collection and the Harry Potter Collection are both now available for sale at the GeekyGlass Etsy Shop, along with the full Mix n’ Match Sci-Fi set.


Choose from one of the following delicious colours and textures:

1. Clockwork Orange (brilliantly punchy orange lightly rippled cathedral glass)

2. Harry Potter – Hufflepuff Yellow (sparkling lemon yellow satin seedy cathedral glass)

3. Big Bang Theory – Penny Cheesecake Factory Yellow (zesty lemon yellow rippled glass)

4. Dr. Who – Dalek Gold (amber gold hammered cathedral glass)

5 . Lord of the Rings – Balrog Whip o’ Fire (amber/red/gold satin seedy glass – pattern varies)

6. Harry Potter – Gringotts Gold (champagne gold crystal-clear artique glass)

7. Big Bang Theory – Amy Wallflower Pink (frosted cotton candy pink semi-opaque glass)

8. Purple Planet (intensely crackled semi-opalescent purple/blue/green – pattern varies)

9. Big Bang Theory – Raj Purple Surprise (rich deep mauve rippled cathedral glass)

10. X-Files – The Smoking Man (deepest mauve crystal clear GNA – German New Antique glass)

11. Big Bang Theory – Howard Mad Plaid (smooth coral/pink/white crystal opal – pattern varies)

12. Harry Potter – Gryffindor Red (glistening ruby red nubby textured cathedral glass)

13. Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Green Lantern (brilliant crystal clear green artique glass)

14. Star Wars – Yoda Green (chartreuse and mixed green opaque lightly textured glass)

15. Harry Potter – Slytherin Green (rich emerald green rippled cathedral glass)

16. Cryogenic Tank (frosted pale bluish-green semi-opaque satin texture glass)

17. Magic Green Sparkle (deepest forest green with gold glitter glass)

18. Big Bang Theory – Leonard’s Jacket Green (crackled rich varied greens – pattern varies)

19. Lord of the Rings – Arwen (magically transforming twilight blue/white semi-opalescent glass)

20. Star Wars – Lightsaber (brilliant electric bright aqua cathedral glass)

21. Dr. Who – Tardis Time Trails (smooth and criss-crossed rippling cobalt blue/clear baroque – pattern varies)

22. Harry Potter – Ravenclaw Blue (bright cobalt blue waterglass)

23. String Theory (smooth and lined rippling cobalt blue/clear baroque – pattern varies)

24. X-Men – Iceman (icy crystal clear pale aqua artique cathedral glass)

25. Big Bang Theory – Bernadette Blue (richly saturated streaky cobalt blue – semi opalescent)

Happy geeky mixing and matching!