Resizing a Stained Glass Pattern

When you find a pattern or image you love, and want to turn it into a stained glass work of art, you’ll soon come across a tricky little obstacle called scale. Without a good method for resizing, you can start to feel like Alice in Wonderland (Too big! Too small!)  Take a look at this video, which explains a few different methods you can use to get your stained glass pattern design to the exact size desired:

If you are searching for an online proportion wheel, take a look at the handy Proportionator. It gets extra points for the geeky name!

For a simple-to-use and affordable pattern resizer, check out the Rapid Resizer. I’ve downloaded this software, and found it has some great features:


  • Free trial use
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Comes with 100 free patterns
  • Has a simple but attractive glass colouring feature which allows for easy and quick colour pre-visualization of your finished piece
  • One-button colour/no colour for quick printing of the lines only
  • It automatically “tiles” or “clips” large patterns into letter-sized sheets so you can print the whole thing out easily at home.
  • When you resize, the line thickness doesn’t increase, so your patterns are great in any size (and, as the website points out, you use less ink!)

Download the Rapid Resizer for free here.