This tondo was made especially for Charmed fans, who will recognize the triquetra symbol that adorned the charming Halliwell sisters’ Book of Shadows. However, it is also an ancient symbol found in Celtic, Pagan, Wiccan, and Christian tradition, just to name a few. Everyone loves the number three, even math geeks!

This 5 inch (13 cm) round stained glass sun/firecatcher was handmade by me in the traditional Tiffany method, using copper foil and lead solder. A round lead frame encircles the piece for support, and a handy hanging hook completes it. It was treated with black patina, and polished with finishing compound, for a gleaming antique sheen.

It is made of 22 hand-ground pieces of black opaque and amber/red streaky textured glass, that were polished and buffed to a high shine. The extra flamey design glows hot in any window, even on overcast days. Or it can be displayed in front of candles or a lamp for an extra sparkling effect (my personal favorite).

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