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Space exploration and the melding of art and space is a passion of mine. Recently, I created a glass panel as a companion piece to my ebook Blast Off! An Action Plan to Get You to Space

Blast Off Book and Stained Glass Cover








Aliens Attack Panel







The Solar System Collection

Available for Purchase

List Price $10






The Glass Cannonball Panel was commissioned as a companion piece to the sci-fi book of the same name by Earl Woodman. The Glass Cannonball is available from

The Glass Cannonball Panel


Stained Glass Postcard from Saturn

Available for Purchase

List Price $50








2 thoughts on “Space Glass

  1. Hi Renate:
    Your Web Site, I like to describe it in one word, extraordinary.
    I reviewed it a number.of times and it keep me coming back, especially, Path to Mars Newsletter.
    Where do you buy stained glass supplies in St. John’s
    or do you sell them?
    Sometimes, I use stained glass in my work
    Thank you,
    Lewis Roberts,
    The Home of Lewis Roberts, Artistic Electronic Creations
    128 Glam’ Road,
    Clarkes Beach, NL
    A0A 1W0

    • Glad you like both websites, Lewis!
      I don’t sell stained glass supplies; I purchase locally from Phil Mercer of Stained Glass & Supplies in Chamberlains, CBS. He’s in the yellow pages. I also purchase online from the suppliers mentioned in the blog posting here.

      Good luck with all your projects!

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