How to Choose the Right Glass Cutter

When you are starting out in stained glass, the variety of tools and materials can be overwhelming! Where to start? Today’s post is all about how to choose the glass cutter that is right for you. Click on the video below for details:

Some of the brand names that I mentioned in the video were Toyo, Inland and FletcherStudio Pro and Glastar are also well-known as makers of stained glass tools, including cutters. (Note my error in the video: Weller is more well-known for making soldering irons, not cutters). These brands, as well as others, can be purchased at your local stained glass supply store. If you don’t have one nearby, take a look at this post on some of my favorite stained glass suppliers.

Remember – great glass cutting is all about even pressure. Start with practicing on smooth window glass, and work up to cutting textured glass once you feel good about scoring on the smooth stuff. Practice makes perfect!